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About Today's Bits

Today's Bits is radio's production resource. It is the solution to what radio has been craving. It's a team of on-line producers providing your show with daily radio prep. Today's Bits does not just focus on humor. Your show will have access to superior montages, thematic imaging, man on the street clips, song parodies, clever jingles, phone starters, and last night's best television audio.

Imagine having a major market group of producers whose sole purpose is to provide your show with powerful audio, giving your show a definite edge over your rivals. These bits are fresh. These bits are topical. You don't have to wait to get the audio you need today. Today's Bits producers have an knack for what is needed to make your show compelling.

Today's Bits prides itself on being in tune with its customers. Today's Bits routinely receives valuable suggestion from the country's top hosts and producers. Many of these ideas are turned around into production pieces you can borrow and adapt to your show.

Please note that Today's Bits is a market exclusive service (by format). Make sure you sign up before the hacks across the street do! You'll have the song parody everyone is talking about, the hustling staff digging up all the fresh daily audio, the killer montages, and the kind of sound that stamps your show as the market leader. With an intimate knowledge of the radio business and a great deal of sweat equity, Today's Bits will keep you at the top of your market.